What Is A Bubu?

In comedian Allan Sherman’s song, “Chim Chim Cheree”, (a clever satire of American advertising  based on a Sherman Brothers’ song from Mary Poppins) on the record My Name is Allan, the line “And I sharpen my bubu, and use it to shave” , causes peals of laughter from the audience, but does anyone know what a bubu is?IMG_4689

A Little Humor, And Maybe More

I recall a conversation I had with my late Ukrainian friend, Mikhail Krasovitsky.  He was the former head of the Teacher’s Training Institute in Kiev.  He was also a disciple of Anton Makarenko, a famous Ukrainaian educator of the 20s, who worked with teenage juvenile delinquents.  Mikhail was trying to get some public official in the New York Public School System to listen to some of his ideas on education.  “They just won’t listen!”, he fumed.  Finally, in exasperation he exclaimed, “You Americans think you know everything!”  And I laughed and laughed, because it’s so true!

They May Be Only High School Students, But…

Some time ago(probably in the late 60s or early 70s) the Beverly Hills High School performing arts dept. produced a recording of Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s Carousel.  This is a recording worth listening to.  Granted that the orchestra is a “mixed bag”, but individual acting performances are outstanding.  Alan Harrison, who plays Billy Bigelow is a gifted performer with a good singing voice.  His duet with Julie Lloyd has real pathos, and other performers shine as well.  Sandra Schlechter is an amiable and perky Carrie Pipperidge, and Andrew Kulick an understated villain.  On the whole the choral numbers are sung well, and there is some good playing from the orchestra as well.  If you can get this recording, please listen to it, and be surprised at what high school students can do!IMG_0321

Time To Swim The Rogue River

It’s quite warm in Southern Oregon with temps. in the 90s, and it’s time to start swimming.  I took my first swim a few days ago, and can’t wait to go back.  The trees and plants adjoining the river give the surrounding area that fresh summer aroma.  The water itself isn’t too cold, and quite refreshing.  It’s just the thing to break up any work you may have been doing.  Have a great time on the river!

Wave From Upper Takelma Park Riffle

Inner Tubing Season Has Begun So…

It’s time to take those inner tubes out for a great float on the Rogue River.  For those of you who know nothing about inner tubing, here are a few pointers.  You have more control in an inner tube than you might think you do.  To achieve best balance, sit down in the water with your legs pointed in a line over the side.  Make sure your tube is large enough so your arms don’t scrape when pulling.  To go left, point your feet to the right, and pull to the left.  To go right, point your feet to the left, and pull to the right.  When making a directional move, try to line up your feet so they point in a line, and not at an angle.  When pulling, make sure your arms are a few inches under water to achieve maximum strength on your pull.  If you wish to slow down, pull upstream.  You can also combine the directional moves with a spin move to dodge obstacles faster.  Whenever you hit a wave, always hit it directly, and never broadside.  Also with certain waves you might want to hold on, especially at Horseshoe Falls, to avoid tipping over.  Remember that a tube can take only a certain size wave.  Beyond that size, you will be flipped over!  Always watch out for strainers, which are the most dangerous obstacles on the river!  Unless compelled to do so, stay away from the banks as tree branches are likely to be present.

With caution and practice of basic strokes, you should have a fun time on the river.  Of course, there are people like my sister Nancy, who throw caution to the winds.  My sister sometimes sat in one large tube with her friend Martha Brooks, and floated the rapids that way!

P.S.  Remember to wear life jackets at all times, and respect other boaters and fishermen.  Happy floating!