A Hidden Jewel In The Rogue Valley

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is well-known to tourists, but there is a hidden gem in the Rogue Valley that deserves to be explored:  The Crater Rock Museum in Central Point.  Despite its uninspiring name, it hosts one of the finest mineral collections in the Northwest.  The museum is run by the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Society, a non-profit organization.  It began in 1954 through the initiative of Delmar and Frieda Smith and Cap Mentzer.  It has grown into a world class museum, offering spectacular mineral specimens from around the world.  It has the largest agate collection in the country, and also offers arrowheads, shells, fossils and an ultraviolet room.  There is also a gift shop.  The museum is open from Tues.-Sat. 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.  If you’ve got kids, the museum is a wonderful place for them to start a new hobby.  There are classes in cab making, faceting, jewelry with planned trips to mineral locations, and there is a special Kid’s Day!  Please drop by, if you’re in the area.  Volunteers will be glad to show you around.  For more info, please visit http://craterrock.comIMG_6341

Don’t Get Discouraged. Warmer Weather Is On Its Way

An unseasonably cool July in Southern Oregon has dampened many river spirits.  However, don’t get discouraged.  Warmer weather is on its way.  By the end of this week, tubers and boaters should have plenty of sun for their outings.

A Splendid Flute Recording

Legendary flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal made a splendid flute recording, La Flute D’or de Jean-Pierre Rampal on Philips Tresors Classiques.  This flute recital includes a superb rendition of Tommaso Albinoni’s  Le Celebre Adagio in which the cellos sing with clear tones while the flute soars with passion.  Other selections include Gretry’s Concerto en Ut Majeur,  Suite de danses.  All are played with intense feeling by Rampal.  This recording is a must purchase for flute connoisseurs.

A Spectacular View

The North Fork of the Rogue River presents a spectacular view of the gorge just above Prospect on Mill Creek Drive.  The water has rarely been so full, and the cascade, as it tumbles down a canyon against highlighted rocky walls, is something to see.  River Bridge Campground is also splendid with water pouring over basalt ledges forming sizable waves and a Class 3+ rapid.  I recommend visiting the river now before the flow drops as the current level is at its highest in years.  Some folks in Prospect claim it is the highest flow that they have seen.

A Great Summer For Inner Tubing The Upper Rogue

This is truly a great summer for inner tubing the Upper Rogue River.  Flows are above 3,000 cfs, which insure high waves, and less exposed boulders.  However, there are some strainers and forceful currents.  Inner tubers need to be cautious and be sure they are seated properly in the tube for balance.  When passing through Horseshoe Falls below Dodge Bridge, you need to grip the tube firmly to avoid capsizing.  Remember that a tube can only take a curler of a certain height.  If the curler exceeds that height, the tuber will be flipped over.  Most waves are not serious and a lot of fun.  Enjoy yourself on the river!  Photo of Rogue River at Shady Cove Park.