Wonderful Weather Results In Excellent Inner Tubing

Wonderful weather results in excellent inner tubing, and this week has been one of the best for both.  Lower flows make the ride more interesting and longer.  In some places near Upper TouVelle, you can simply drift slowly, or catch a lazy eddy.  The water is not that cold, but enough to refresh you during the ride.  Some of the blackberries are in season, and there is an abundance of them along the road to the old Medford Hole off Upper TouVelle Road.  Superb views of Mt. McLaughlin make bringing your camera a must.  Tou Velle remains one of Southern Oregon’s most beautiful parks.  Photo of Mt. McLaughlin.

Currents Change When The River Drops

Currents change when the river drops so be careful of rocks and boulders that were underwater.  The Rogue River is getting colder with less water as August progresses.  Less water means the current is not as strong and maneuverability is easier.  In September, the river will be too cold for inner tubing, so enjoy the warm days on the river while you have them!  Photo of Rogue River at Upper TouVelle Park.

Trees and More Obstacles at TouVelle State Park

Inner tubers should be aware that there are trees and more obstacles at TouVelle State Park.  The flow is quite high(3600 cfs) and the river quite unforgiving.  Those tubers that are going under the bridge should be sure to take the left channel as the center slams into a rock wall and the right is full of sharp rocks and boulders.  The left channel also requires some dodging.  If you plan to get out at lower TouVelle, I suggest using the second ramp to avoid a large sand bar at the first ramp.  It goes without saying that you get out on the right side of the river.  Be sure to bring a camera as some of the views of Table Rock are quite spectacular.  Happy inner tubing!  Photo of Lower TouVelle Rapid.