A Brief Message

Because of family health problems that require my attention, I will be suspending further posts for a time.  I appreciate all the visitors I’ve received and the comments made.  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts with many people from different countries and I value this experience.  I’ve also visited many other blogs, which have provided me with entertainment and material for reflection.

I hope to contribute new posts as soon as I am able.  I plan to restructure the main page, making subjects easier to locate.  I’d like to offer inner tubing videos and I have other plans as well.  My computer knowledge is rather limited, so I will require assistance with the aforementioned tasks.

In concluding, I would like to include a Grook by Piet Hein:

Some people live in a world

of what’ll allow them to live their dream.

They solemnly hold out a half-pint bottle,

and ask for a pint of cream.