Perched On Top Of Rabbit Ears: An Unforgettable Experience

On the Diamond Lake Road about a few miles above the town of Union Creek, Bybee Creek flows into the North Fork of the Rogue River.  The site is a picturesque one, with the clear river plunging over turbulent drops that one can see easily from the car.  Just before the confluence of the two streams there is an unmarked road, which heads northeast.  At one time there was a sign indicating eight miles to Rabbit Ears and eleven miles to Hershberger Lookout.  For some reason it was removed;  perhaps the road was dangerous and there may have been accidents.  The ascent to Rabbit Ears begins on a dirt road, which becomes narrower and more full of rocks the closer it approaches its destiny.  The road is steep, and a jeep or pickup is recommended, because of the roughness of the road.  When at last you arrive, you find you’re at the base of Rabbit Ears with sheer precipices on either side of you.  When I got out of my vehicle, a feeling of vertigo was so strong that I had to kneel on the ground to keep my balance.  The view, however, is quite extraordinary, since you have panoramic views on either side.  But I must admit that, although I was glad to take the journey, I would never do it again!

About Robert M. Weiss
From an early age, I've taken great pleasure in reading. Also, I learned to play my 78 player when I was quite young, and enjoyed listening to musicals and classical music. I remember sitting on the floor, and following the text and pictures of record readers, which were popular in the 1940s and 50s. My favorites were the Bozo and Disney albums. I also enjoyed watching the slow spinning of 16s as they spun out tales of adventure. I have always been attracted by rivers, and I love to sit on a boulder with my feet in the water, gazing into the mysteries of swirling currents. I especially like inner tubing on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Since my early youth, I've been interested in collecting minerals, which have taught me about the wonderful possibilities in colors and forms. Sometimes I try to imagine what the ancient Greeks must have felt when they began to discover physical laws in nature. I also remember that I had a special passion for numbers, and used to construct them out of stones. After teaching Russian for several years, I became a writer, interviewer, editor, and translator. I continue to delight in form, and am a problem solver at heart.

5 Responses to Perched On Top Of Rabbit Ears: An Unforgettable Experience

  1. rommel says:

    Incredibly beautiful view. I like the stream of water. I think I’m one who would still venture to this adventure despite warnings. 😀 If Robert M. Weiss braved up to go there, I would too. 😉


  2. Well, maybe I’ll think about it, Rommel. It is a picturesque spot, and the river is something else.


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  4. Sun says:

    that looks like a real adventure for sure and wonderful you were able to experience the majesty of the place. cool! ☺


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