Something To Think About

So begins a series of quotations or sayings that you might ponder over.  The first one comes from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, The Gondoliers.  Written at a time when both lyricist and composer were at their peak, the opera features soaring choruses and witty dialogue.  The quintet, “Try we life-long” is one of the most famous in the G and S canon.  No less a personage than Isaac Asimov considered the last two lines among the finest Gilbert ever wrote.

All:  “Try we life-long, we can never

Straighten out life’s tangled skein,

Why should we, in vain endeavor.

Guess and guess and guess again?…

Life’s perhaps the only riddle

That we shrink from giving up!”

Some Notes For The Future And A Photo Of Tribute

Many of you must realize that I changed the domain of this blog to discovery and  The primary reason was to include audio files and extended video files.  However, I also decided to split the About page into two parts:  one dealing with the purpose of the site itself(a work in progress) and the other dealing with me and my family.  I thought this would be a far more effective way of presenting the site.  I am also introducing two new categories:  Something to Think About, and  Just for the Feel of it.  The former category will offer selected quotes or sayings, which I hope will be of interest.  The latter category will offer brief excerpts from heretofore untranslated Russian children’s stories and novels.  I must say, however, that I have suspended The Writer’s Friend, and the corresponding blog.  I am working on The Fence and The Field:  A Writer’s Gateway to Self, which includes some of the exercises from that blog.

In concluding, I would like to thank my 86 followers for looking at my posts and offering thoughtful comments.  May this be a year of peace and discovery for all.  And thanks, Mom, for the memories.

Mom and I celebrating Mother's Day 1954.

Mom and I celebrating Mother’s Day 1954.