At Last: Breaking The Silence For A Special Event

My life has been quite troubled in the last several months and my health uncertain, but something happened to ease my sorrow:  Recently, my caretaker, Marie Coronel Perez became Marita Eugenio Weiss. my second wife.  I was introduced to her by her cousin and my former caretaker, Glenn Malapit.  Marie and I hit it off immediately, and despite our different cultures(Marie is from Bustos Bulacan in the Philippines), we found much to share and enjoy.  She has often said to me:  ” With you, I need big, big, big patience!”, which is true.  I can’t say how grateful I am to her for her persistent optimism , fighting spirit, sense of humor, wisdom and intelligence.  No matter how rough things get, she invokes her motto:  “Think twice.  Be wise.  Be strong.”  I am very sad that Mom wasn’t here for the event, but I know in my heart she would have approved and they would have become great friends.  I wish all my followers a wonderful Easter and a life full of fun surprises and joy.OA 90OA 18OA 7OA 22OA 39 OA 54