Through The Fog And Back Again With A Few Thoughts

Yes, for the last several months my life has been immersed in a mass of overwhelming detail, a plethora of responsibilities and the thickest fog of deceit.  The latter has been by far the most harmful for lies dressed up as candied truths are often difficult to sniff out.  It has taken a lot of determination and a reawakening of the mathematical side of my brain to navigate the turbulent drops life has forced me to negotiate.  But, after clearing my lungs from cold water and miasmic air, I feel a new sense of strength and direction.

In the interim, we had to sell our family home in Medford Oregon, because of financial difficulties.  This was hard for me as the home represented more than 20 years of memories.  I had also stored my better minerals there along with a myriad of books and records.  Fortunately, my manager, Charles Decker, brought my minerals home to California and put the remaining items in his guesthouse.  Thank you, Charles!

Again, for financial reasons, I decided to sell my mineral collection.  Luckily, Ryan Christianson, eBay’s mineral man, was in need of new inventory and bought most of the collection:   a green variscite, a small cluster of bright purple amethyst crystals, a geode with quartz crystals and a fascinating light brown incrustation escaped the sale.  There was also my mineral room in the garage with specimens caked with dirt and shiny metallic grains.  I set up those specimens along our brick wall.  Now, the line of specimens is 70′ long! IMG_6654IMG_6656 But, clearing the mineral room felt like a death.  The young boy who collected specimens vanished into the shadows forever.

I also decided to sell my Lewis Collection of books and other memorabilia.  That meant cataloguing each item as well as researching for a reasonable price.  Then, I set up a file that included all the pertinent data and the condition of the item.  That collection is still for sale.

In the meantime, my sister and I continue to work with Dad, giving him simple arithmetic problems to keep his mind alert.  We try to waken his mind in other ways:  by bringing up memories, taking him to places from his childhood and encouraging him to talk with others.  His mind continues to surprise us as when he translated a French passage from Alexis de Tocqueville into English!  His knowledge of Latin also remains intact.  And sometimes he makes us think!

I continue to have health problems, but some sort of equilibrium seems within reach.  So, I look forward to putting up occasional posts in the future.  I do hope they prove of interest.



About Robert M. Weiss
From an early age, I've taken great pleasure in reading. Also, I learned to play my 78 player when I was quite young, and enjoyed listening to musicals and classical music. I remember sitting on the floor, and following the text and pictures of record readers, which were popular in the 1940s and 50s. My favorites were the Bozo and Disney albums. I also enjoyed watching the slow spinning of 16s as they spun out tales of adventure. I have always been attracted by rivers, and I love to sit on a boulder with my feet in the water, gazing into the mysteries of swirling currents. I especially like inner tubing on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Since my early youth, I've been interested in collecting minerals, which have taught me about the wonderful possibilities in colors and forms. Sometimes I try to imagine what the ancient Greeks must have felt when they began to discover physical laws in nature. I also remember that I had a special passion for numbers, and used to construct them out of stones. After teaching Russian for several years, I became a writer, interviewer, editor, and translator. I continue to delight in form, and am a problem solver at heart.

4 Responses to Through The Fog And Back Again With A Few Thoughts

  1. berlioz1935 says:

    “So, I look forward to putting up occasional posts in the future. I do hope they prove of interest.”

    I do hope so, dear Robert. I am looking forward to hearing from you again. The world is in a lot of turmoil at the moment and a person with so many interests, as you have, can help us to stay on an even keel without getting into a panic by the daily news.


  2. rommel says:

    You are not alone when it comes to having problems. From my previous post, I confessed that I’ve been having problem with getting promotion. If I don’t get promoted, they will kick me out. Let’s hang in there, and continue to fight. 😉
    I’m glad hearing from you.


  3. Rommel, please take good care. You’re a true artist and investigator. I do wish you the best with your work.


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