This site invites you to open your eyes, and enter the magical world of knowledge.  Try to be a child again with a child’s excitement at finding a bright color or hearing an amusing story.  A child has not reached the stage of categorizing knowledge , but delights in experiencing the world with all its manifold gifts and surprises.

Gazing at the Rogue River in Lower TouVelle Park in Southern Oregon.

A Child Gazing at the Rogue River in Lower TouVelle Park in Southern Oregon.

So, this blog aims to entertain, astound, and excite.   The site is inspired by the memories of my grandparents, Lillian E. Weiss, and Nathan(Johnny) J. Weiss, my great teachers, who showed me the magical world of learning through their own enthusiasm, and willingness to share, and my parents Murray J. Weiss and Twyla Y. Weiss for ever exposing me to new sites to explore and delight in.

This blog will have posts from different fields, reflecting my grandmother’s eclectic approach to knowledge, my grandfather’s “simple” approach to life, and interests of the many family members and friends who have contributed to my development.  Some posts are of a practical nature.  Others may have a more abstract feel.  Some of my literary training may peep through now and then, and you might even see some original writing. There is also a section entitled Projects for You.  There you will find research topics and projects that you can work on.  I ask only that you mention my name, Robert M. Weiss, as the person responsible for the initial idea.  There is also a page, For Your Reading Pleasure, which suggests some fascinating books that you may have not been aware of.  Please take a look at those that interest you!

THE SITE OF DISCOVERY AND WONDER offers the visitor a glimpse into many lands and regions of thought such as Philosophy:  Here is Susanne K. Langer’s description of music  from her book on aesthetics, Feeling and Form:  “Yet the realm of experience, so radically changed, is entirely full.  There are forms in it, great and small, forms in motion, sometimes converging to make an impression of complete accomplishment and rest out of their very motions;  there is immense agitation, or vast solidity, and again everything is air;  all this in a universe of pure sound, an audible world, a sonorous beauty taking over the whole of one’s consciousness.

Education:  “The process of mastering knowledge in the school years is often torn away from the student’s spiritual life.  It is precisely because the child’s memory is so sharp and tenacious that the pure brook of vivid images, pictures, perceptions, representations flow in it.”–Vasilii Sukhomlinsky.

Sukhomlinskij and his students

Sukhomlinsky and his Students

Allan Sherman:  “God gave us the gift of life.  We don’t need anything more.”

Together with Allan Sherman

Together with Allan Sherman

Grooks:  “Here lies, extinguished in his prime, a victim of modernity.  But, yesterday he hadn’t time, and now he has eternity.”--Piet Hein.

Literature:  “Chance wears all her locks in front, and once she has passed you by, you cannot recall her.  For the back of her head is bald, and she never turns back.”–Francois Rabelais from Gargantua and Pantagruel

Family Tidbits:  “He has a small mind and he knows it thoroughly.”–Lillian E. Weiss.  “She’s a walking limitation.”–Jackie Turner.


Oregon roses in Medford

Oregon Roses in Medford

Rogue River:

TouVelle Park in Southern Oregon

Upper TouVelle Park in Southern Oregon

American Theater:

Maude Adams as Peter Pan.

Maude Adams as Peter Pan.

Musical Theater:

Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow acknowledge their growing attraction in the Garden Scene from Carousel in a regional production.

Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow acknowledge their growing attraction in the Garden Scene from Carousel in a regional production.

Kim MacAfee can't seem to wait for Conrad Birdie's

Kim MacAfee can’t seem to wait for Conrad Birdie’s “One Last Kiss” in Bye Bye Birdie.

Health:  “You’re the most precious thing you have.  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?”–Jack Lalanne

Lewis Carroll:

Alice Pleasance Liddell looks down from the upper left, while John Tenniel's Alice looks up from bottom right.

Alice Pleasance Liddell looks down from the upper left, while John Tenniel’s Alice looks up from bottom right.

Page under construction.  Please stop by for further developments.

5 Responses to ABOUT THE SITE

  1. auntyuta says:

    My goodness, Robert, I can see now I’ll have to catch up on a lot of reading of your posts. It all looks very interesting to me. Thank you very much for looking at my last post and commenting.
    Looking at your ‘about’ page now I do remember that I’ve seen it before. I love what you tell about your family. The pictures of your family members looked straight away familiar to me because I’d seen them before and your family history is most interesting!
    ” I realized that each person has a special story to tell.” This is beautiful, that you seemed to have realized this from an early age on.

  2. auntyuta says:

    Yes, thanks, glad to be back. I’ll try my best to make enough time for your very interesting posts. I don’t think I have you in my ‘following’ list. I’ll try to rectify this. Cheerio, Uta from Australia.

  3. auntyuta says:

    Sorry, I was wrong. I checked my ‘following’ list again and voila, I found ‘rivermelody’ in there! I better take note of it in future. I don’t want to miss out on all your good writing! Cheerio, Uta.

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