As 2014 Comes To A Close, “I’m Back In The Saddle Again.”

It’s been a trying year; a smorgasbord of pent-up feelings, reflections, dejections, disappointments, wonderful surprises.  It has been a year of dishonesty and betrayal, but also of strong support and truth.  Perhaps, it’s no different from any other year, it simply seems so.  It has been a year that has given new meaning to the past and opened new pathways to the future.  It has been a year of crackling fires and heavy overcoats.  It has been a year, culminating in a desire to get back into the saddle, and ride the ranges of untrammeled space.  With that in mind, I offer three selections from the Southern Oregon Old Time Fiddlers.  The location was our deck near the Rogue River.  The time was evening just before dusk.  Indeed, there was something special about this hard-tested American music, whose notes floated to the stars.  I hope you enjoy the music and my best thoughts for a great year ahead.  Thank you for reading my posts!