My Russian Air Conditioning

I consider myself a most fortunate man, because I am surrounded by people, who think of my well-being.  My architect went out of his way to ensure that not a precious ray of sunshine escapes my room, so that I should not suffer from an overdose of oxygen.  My mailman is conscientious enough to deliver my neighbor’s mail to me on a regular basis , so I will get sufficient exercise.  My “significant other” drains my wallet monthly, so I’m not burdened with too much money.  And I am the first on the block to have a repairman install Russian air conditioning.  When the technician arrived, he told me he was a Russian from the Ukraine and that he had a special treat for me:  “This pound of freon will only cost you $150.  If I had come the day next, it might have cost you $400.”  When he left he said: “You can count your stars lucky.  You have Russian air conditioning made in China.”  So I sit and I schwitz, and I choke and I croak.  However, occasionally I feel a stream of lukewarm air wheezing through the vent and am content.  I have Russian air conditioning.