Multiple Fires Dampen River Spirits In Rogue Valley

Multiple fires that have continued to burn for several days have dampened the river spirits in the Rogue Valley.  A large fire out of Glendale, which has split into different fires has attracted more than 650 firemen and the National Guard.  Air quality has been “hazardous” for several days in Medford.  At one point, the smoke was so thick that you couldn’t see Table Rock from Modoc Road.  Needless to say, river traffic, including floaters and fishermen, has been minimal.  There are signs of clearing, but ash still decorates cars and a smoky smell remains.  I had to cancel a few tubing trips and my eyes are still burning.  The recommendation is not to go outside unless you have to.  Not a healthy sign for a city that relies on tourism for much of its income.  We can only hope that a few cloudy days with local winds will clear up what to many has become an intolerable situation.

A Dollop Of Humor

A dollop of humor:

1.  The bad news is I’m chronically depressed.  The good news is I’m in denial.

2.  Rock Creek Falls on the North Umpqua should be rated Class 7, because if you navigate the falls successfully, the fishermen will shoot you.