Pearsoney Falls Provides Peace And Solitude

Pearsoney Falls is located off of Mill Creek Drive in an unnamed state park just above the gorge of the North Fork of the Rogue River near Prospect.  The trail to the falls begins at the upper end of the parking lot.  It is about 1/2 mile to the falls.  Pearsoney Falls was named for the boys who discovered it in the late 1920s:  Paul and Stan Pearson, and Bill Mooney.  The Pearsons are one of the oldest families in Prospect, because the boys’ mother, Frances, was the daughter of Squire Aiken.  Mr. Aiken purchased the Deskins Mill, which was the first mill in Prospect. The falls tumbles over volcanic boulders and forms interesting patterns.  The adventurous can walk out to some rocks for a closer look at the falls.  The area is usually deserted and provides peace and solitude.  Last week I visited Pearsoney Falls  and took a lot of photos.  I include some of them below.