To The Philippines With Love

For the last few years I’ve learned about the Philippines through our family caretaker, Glenn Malapit, a remarkable, highly intelligent fellow from Luzon.  One thing that especially impressed me was the caring network that occurs in some high schools.  He is part of a class of 200, which has established a mutual fund to help friends in need, such as teachers who need medical care and impoverished individuals.  All the members contribute what they can and a classmate with business acumen is selected as treasurer.  I might also say that virtually all of his classmates went to college and many acquired advanced degrees.  This ability to care may come from the extended family, which is common in the Philippines.  Whether the extended family is due to Spanish influence or tribal is difficult to ascertain.  This trait makes people from the Philippines ideal care workers.  Since they learn English, they migrate to the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.   In hospitals and care facilities throughout the U.S., Philippinos make their presence known through their ability to be sensitive to the needs of others and we are the better for it.