A Few Samples Of Humor

Here are a few samples of humor:

1.  What did the patient say to the endodontist who pushed him by accident during a procedure?  “You’ve got some nerve.”

2.  A criminal scheduled for lethal injection was overjoyed that his execution would take place in Ashland, Oregon.  When his friend asked him why, the criminal replied:  “In Ashland they use all natural ingredients.”

3.  Putin is building a coffin on Red Square, so he can change places with Medvedev.

Back Again With A Renewed Outlook

I’m back again with a renewed outlook on life after aortic valve surgery in December.  I’m now in Oregon, which has suffered an unusually cool May suffused with rain, hail, and just plain miserable weather.  June has been here for some time, and the sun has now become a common occurrence.  Despite temps. in the 80s, the Rogue River remains quite cold(in the low 50s), and inner tubing is still a few weeks away.  The river will be over 3000 cfs until the end of August.  High flows produce swift water and sometimes high waves.  Be careful if you plan to go on the water!  Let’s hope this is a great summer!  Photo below depicts Class 2 Takelma Park Rapid. sc00005d14