A Funny Episode From Pete And Gladys

Several nights ago I saw a very funny episode from the 1960-1962 sitcom Pete and Gladys.  The show co-starred Harry Morgan(Bratsberg) and Cara Williams(Bernice Kamiat).  As is well-known, Cara was an irascible redhead, jealous of others’ success, and, in general, a difficult person to work with.  However, there is no denying the lady had talent.  In several episodes she displays her talent, but she is at her best in the episode”Sleepy Time Wife.”, which deals with the fear of a dentist.  There is certainly nothing novel in this theme, but there is in her portrayal of it, which borders on the surreal.  If you’re looking for unbounded laughter, this episode might be your answer.  You may find this through Nostalgia Merchant.