Introducing TouVelle State Park

TouVelle State Park on the upper Rogue River is one of the most scenic parks in Southern Oregon.  It presents a riparian environment rife with wildflowers, blackberry bushes, trees, and many kinds of birds.  As to the latter, the park is a favorite of birdwatchers, who are seen often wearing their binoculars.  Tou Velle Park has expanded to include a nature trail which hooks up with the Denman Wildlife Refuge.  Before the flood of 1955, a military bridge connected the two parts of the Tou Velle Road, which remain as isolated segments in different parts of the valley.  One of my photos shows what’s left of the bridge, a mere pylon.  At the lower end of the park,  Bybee Bridge, a double cantilever bridge, once ruled supreme, but was removed for a cement bridge that created numerous obstacles for boaters, and detracted greatly from the beauty along the shore.  The lowest ramp is recommended as easier and safer, and many boats take advantage of it.  Fishing is plentiful, but no famous holes for summer steelhead.  The park’s inhabitants also include frolicsome children, for whom a special rock dam was built so they could play in the river without danger, and dogs chasing sticks.  Below I have posted photos from Summers 2011-2012, which give a feel of the park’s activities and pleasures.

Wonderful Weather Results In Excellent Inner Tubing

Wonderful weather results in excellent inner tubing, and this week has been one of the best for both.  Lower flows make the ride more interesting and longer.  In some places near Upper TouVelle, you can simply drift slowly, or catch a lazy eddy.  The water is not that cold, but enough to refresh you during the ride.  Some of the blackberries are in season, and there is an abundance of them along the road to the old Medford Hole off Upper TouVelle Road.  Superb views of Mt. McLaughlin make bringing your camera a must.  Tou Velle remains one of Southern Oregon’s most beautiful parks.  Photo of Mt. McLaughlin.